Welcome to Service Alpha Betatm, your digital transformation partner

Service Alpha Betatm a London based digital transformation and cloud migration consultancy specialise within digital transformations and cloud migration projects by incorporating best practices and standards. Ready to work on digital transformation projects across government agencies on premises or from our west london sites.

How can we make the difference?


Key Offerings

We are experts in Enterprise and third-party integrations with ServiceNow, Automation, Custom Solutions & Applications, Customizations & Enhancements, Support, and Service management. Our experts empower your IT service strategy to align with your business outcomes for maximum value and ROI.


Our core technical team has over 15 years of hands-on experience working with technologies, tools, and frameworks. Always proactive in suggesting new ways to adhere to Design principles, patterns set by GDS. Technically capable to assist at Discovery, Design, Prototyping, Architect and full-fledged services ready to host on government infrastructure ( AWS, UK cloud etc).


Our team (business, process and technical) worked on multiple Digital transformation projects at various digital delivery centers, involved in all stages of standard digital delivery phases. Over five years knowledge with GDS standards, practices and assessments, this will enable us to get on the task from day one.


Our team brings cross-functional, operational knowledge that enables to effectively deliver your digital service goals. With our 12 years of agile transformation knowledge and practices; we work with your business team to convert conceptual ideas and roadmap into functional features in incremental stages with clearly defined KPI's.

Company Profile

Our team consists of Product Owners, Delivery Leads, Architects, developers, frontend developer, testers and Business analyst who worked on a number of Government projects for the past 12 years. Individuals worked on number key government projects delivered within the last five years at HMRC, Home office and Ministry of Justice to name a few.
In-depth knowledge about GDS standards, practices and assessments will help us work on your assignments at various phases( Discover, Alpha, Private/Public Beta etc). We have delivered multiple projects for HMRC, Local Council transformation and worked on early market engagement with other government agencies.
We are consultants with strong knowledge about Cloud migration, Micros services, and BigData will bring the knowledge, skill, and abilities to deliver your project goals.